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Currency & Money Tips in Sofia

Do you plan your stag weekend in Sofia? Then check the money tips below!

Official currency in Bulgaria is bulgarian lev/stotinka. Bulgarian leva: Lev (Lv) = 100 stotinki. Notes are in denominations of Lv50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1. Coins are in denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 stotinki.  Due to bulgarian legal system all payments in Bulgaria must be in bulgarian currency. For most of the shops, restaurants, cafes e.c. this rule is absolutely valid, but in special occasions you can pay in other currency /depends on the situation/.


€1 = BGN 1.955

£1 = BGN 2.24


Exchange of money is possible either in a bank or in an exchange bureau. If you planning to exchange money in an exchange bureau you must always check exchange rates (sometimes they are much lower then the normal one) and also for commission (sometimes rates are higher, but you have to pay commision which at the end leads to even lower rates). You may be able to exchange your money at the Sofia airport, but exchange rates may not be the best. You should consider purchasing the Bulgarian LEV currency at a more favorable exchange rate before you arrive in Sofia.

You can also inquire about purchasing travellers checks (Travellers Cheques). Also, before your trip, consult with your credit or debit card bank about the foreign exchange transaction fees charged for using your card in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Credit Cards

Major international credit cards are accepted in larger hotels and car hire offices, and in some restaurants and shops, mainly in Sofia. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services that may be available.


Bulgaria is quite cheap for a european country. You can get a nice bulgarian bear (0.5) from up to 1lv (50 cent) in a bar and can eat in a restaurant for about 3 Euros; a 5km taxi-ride is about 2 Euros. 

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