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Sofia is the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria, with a population of almost 1,5 million. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its history can be traced back some 7000 years. Thanks to its great location with mountains on one side, Sofia is attractive for all seasons. In winter you can enjoy the cheerful snowy atmosphere and great views in summer.

Sofia is the centre of Bulgaria's cultural life and offers extensive nightlife scene with many different night clubs, including live music, ultra-modern clubs, neon-light discos, acoustic bars, cosy pubs, mehani (Bulgarian traditional taverns), and various restaurants, all at unbeatable prices. In fact, it is an exciting cosmopolitan city that is nowadays becoming a very attractive destination for stag and hen parties.

Sofia is a safe city, but as any other capital city, be aware of pickpockets, make sure that your valuables and passports are in the safe place.

The people in Sofia are party lovers and like to get together for a drink at night, in a pleasant company. They also like to share their day and night life scene with young people from abroad, as it has not been a long time since more and more foreigners are visiting the city.

The night in Sofia starts with aágreat food, continue in bars and clubs until dawn since all bars and clubs are open late. Almost all the cult clubs can be found in the city centre or near by, in the well-known student village. Moreover, you will be able to buy local beers at around 1 pound, wines, spirits at around 2 pounds or to get aátaxi for 1-2 pounds.


Sofia has nice summer temperatures, from June to August it is about 26 degrees. Spring and autumn are very enjoyable seasons with mild temperatures at around 10-15 degrees. In winter, it can snow, the temperatures from December to February are around 0 degrees.


The currency of Bulgaria is lev (lv / BGN). It is divided in 100 stotinki. 1 lev is approx 0.4 GBP and 0.5 EUR.


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